Students at School of Communication have access to our strong industry linkages, where they are placed with some of the most notable local and international establishments in the industry during the internship programme to be exposed to actual projects. We are internationally well-respected and a highly recognised centre for Media and Communication studies and the School has a strong foothold in two main areas, i.e. research and industry expertise. Students will receive equal recognition and certification from both Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England (UWE), UK, with the option to transfer to UWE in the final year.


Foundation In Communication (FICM)

Be exposed to the fundamentals of the communication industry and how to deal with the complexity of issues, people and organisations that are strongly anchored in real-world practices.

Foundations in Arts (FIA)

Offering one of the widest range of educational pathways, this programme is designed to provide early exposure to various fields for a clearer direction and better understanding in the student’s field of interest.

Diploma In Communication (DICM)

Get trained on presentation skills to discuss and defend ideas, concepts and views through oral and written communication while being exposed to business-related modules.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Advertising)

Get exposed to the technical and practical aspects of broadcasting, enabling them to develop in-depth knowledge in production.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Broadcasting)

Get exposed to the technical and practical aspects of broadcasting, enabling them to develop in-depth knowledge in production.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons)

Learn to plan, manage and implement a broad range of communication tasks for various sectors, with competencies, among others in advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations related work.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Public Relations & Event Management)

Be encouraged to challenge viewpoints, explore creative ideas and concepts, and examine issues from different perspectives with the skills and knowledge gained in public relations and event management.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Public Relations & Marketing)

Gain in-depth knowledge in the field of marketing communications with a strong public relations and event focus to learn planning, strategising and executing marketing plans, and experience active engagement with the industry.

Master of Communication (Coursework & Mixed Mode)

Examine how communication and the media environment affect our economic growth, political scene, law and more.



Audio Recording Studio

The Audio Recording Studio is specifically designed for students to learn about audio production work. It comprises a studio and a panel control room which is built with high quality acoustic materials that creates a conducive environment for professional audio recording purposes. It is well equipped with industry-standard state of the art hardware and software.

TV Broadcast Studio

The million-dollar TV Studio is well equipped with broadcast studio cameras, digital consoles and lighting equipment specific for studio recording productions that are on par with international broadcasting industry standards. Besides hands-on training, students are groomed to develop essential skills from content developing to scriptwriting, casting, directing, producing and post-editing.

Video Editing Laboratory

This lab has 24 workstations which are well equipped with the latest Adobe Premier Version and Final Cut Pro that is in line with the current industry practices for video editing. Students will learn about editing for still and motion picture programmes like drama, news, documentary, entertainment, sports and as well as advertising and promotional materials for both the traditional media and new media.

Audio Editing Laboratory

The Audio Editing Laboratory has 18 workstations complete with Apple iMac and Pro-tools editing software that enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge in audio editing process.

Project Room

This project room is equipped with 16 workstations for students to work on their assignments.

Adventure Arena

This is a dedicated workspace for students to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas through guided techniques taught by experienced lecturers. The whole workspace is designed with special wall and table surfaces for students to pen down their colourful ideas.


The Newsroom is a real workstation created specifically for Journalism students to experience the working environment in a news media organization. Students will undertake a series of process in news publication which include research, news reporting, editing and as well as publication layout design.

ProPassion Consultation Suite

This consultation suite is specifically designed for students to experience the real life challenge of a Public Relations consultancy. Students will be expected to take on the role of a consultant in providing their expertise in the field of Public Relations to meet the needs or requirements of a real client from the industry.