Taylor’s School of Computing and IT (SOCIT) offers dual award degree programmes in collaboration with University of the West of England (UWE), UK. To bridge the gap between academia and the industry, SOCIT has developed a web of relationships with international technology companies and entrepreneurs. These pillars of the ICT community provide the School with valuable insight into the industry and shed light on the fundamental shifts in IT consumption and consumer behaviour.

With these valuable partnerships, the School encourages and enables students to undertake innovative projects in its quest to nurture budding technopreneurs. Some of these projects have featured in nation-wide competitions and have been awarded for their accomplishments. 


Foundation In Computing

Learn at Taylor’s University by doing real projects that instill industrial and technological knowledge, strengthening basic foundations in computing.

Diploma In Information Technology (DIT)

Get groomed for further studies or pursue a career in software development and technopreneurship with Taylor’s Diploma in Information Technology.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Earn the capability to design, develop, integrate and maintain all types of computer application with Taylor’s Bachelor in Computer Science.

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)

Comprehend ways to design an entire engineering system with Taylor’s software engineering degree

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)

Develop internet applications, harness e-commerce technologies and more with Taylor’s bachelor degree in IT.

Master In Computer Science

Acquire advanced knowledge and skills in seeking computing solutions to organisational or societal needs with Taylor’s Master in Computer Science.

Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

Get a strong grounding on algorithmic foundations of computing and endeavour scientific research in these fields with Taylor’s computer science PhD.