Our Foundation in Science and MBBS programmes give our students the opportunity to complete their programmes in Malaysia and graduate as fully qualified and competent medical professionals.


Taylor’s Foundation In Science (FIS)

A one-year foundation programme that prepares students with practical skills through our well-equipped science laboratories and further complement the learning experience with various online tools.

Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery (Mbbs)

Gain extensive knowledge in medical sciences and clinical skills and produce qualified and competent medical professionals who are equipped for the latest practices and developments in the industry.


Anatomy Lab

In this lab, students master basic knowledge of human body structures, and obtain hands-on experience in dissecting the cadavers to study human anatomy. This lab also provides wet and dry specimens of the human body that have been carefully dissected and preserved, anatomical models of different organs as well as ample stock of dry, original and plastic bones for the study of bones and joints to improve their understanding of not just the human anatomy, but how it plays a role in human physiology as well.

Anatomy and Pathology Museum

The museum features various anatomy teaching collections that are arranged according to the human body. It also exhibits gross pathological specimens that are crucial for orienting students to surgical pathology and helping them to correlate what they learn in lectures to a hands-on approach with real anatomy specimens.

Clinical Skills Suite

The suite is a purpose-built centre that enables medical students to improve their basic clinical skills and practice history taking, physical examination and bedside procedure that help to evaluate, diagnose and manage patients in a safe, supervised, and stress-free environment. It has standardised patients and computerised human models (mannequins) capable of simulating diseases.

Emergency Simulation Room

Library Resources

Our library houses a collection of more than 20,000 volumes and journals on science, mathematics, technology, medicine, biomedicine and health. Students will gain access to media resources that contain over 3,000 medical books and online journals, as well as an exclusive collection of database and platforms for self-assessment.

Multidisciplinary Lab

This state-of-the-art facility enables our foundation and degree level students to have holistic practical experience and to gain appreciation for human physiology, biochemistry and microbiology at a molecular level. This facility helps to test principles of human physiology in the form of simulated and real experiments, and contains digital and permanent slides of all human tissues and several microscopes for the study of microscopic anatomy, bacteriology and virology.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Simulation Room

Simulation Control Room